Posted by: weatherjack | December 7, 2011

More activity in the atmosphere

Another active streak ahead of us.  There are 3 parts in this streak. 1 the rain winds down as a stalled front weakens as it moves to the east. As this system moves out, part 2 moves in. Part 2 includes a coastal storm moving swiftly offshore. This will bring slight accumulations along the coast and a few inches just inland. Part 3 includes a weak cold front moving through with a few flurries.

Stay tuned!


Posted by: weatherjack | November 28, 2011

Outlook for 11.28.11-12.2.11

An active but mild pattern as we head through the middle of the workweek with showers late Tuesday and a steady, heavier rain Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be sunny with more seasonable temperatures to kick off December.

Stay tuned!


Posted by: weatherjack | October 27, 2011

Back again!

Hey, i’m still here after forever and have come out with a new blog called forecasterjack the link is I will try to post on both but if one is dormant try the other

Posted by: weatherjack | February 15, 2011

week outlook

As high pressure is dominating the region this week there will not be any significant weather events a few rain showers are possible Friday

Posted by: weatherjack | January 11, 2011

Many more to come!

As a relentless parade of storms march across the U.S. we will get some of each and everyone of them which will mean a lot of storms for us! stay tuned for updates!

Posted by: weatherjack | January 11, 2011

North East Blizzard Part II

A significant winter storm is slated to arrive on Wednesday. It will bring a foot of snow and 40 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 55 mph. stay tuned for updates!

Posted by: weatherjack | January 2, 2011

snow on friday???

A large and powerful storm is pounding the west at this point will it reach us to give some snow??  Stay tuned as more info comes in more updates come out.

Posted by: weatherjack | January 2, 2011

Quiet through ths week

As high pressure builds in sunny skies will be the dominant feature this week the next chance of snow will be friday night.stay tuned!

Posted by: weatherjack | July 29, 2010

Winnisook Weather Forecast

Friday:Mostly sunny 40% chance of a shower temperatures 58-61

Saturday:sunny and dry temperatures64-67

Sunday: AM sun PM storms temperatures 60-63

Posted by: weatherjack | July 15, 2010

winnisook weather forecast

Friday: sunny,dry 30% chance of a shower temperatures 79-82

Saturday:Sunny windy possible 10mph gusts temperatures 78-81

Sunday:Sunny 20% chance of a shower temperatures cooler 76-79

outdoor activities good to go.

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